Editing is an essential tool for authors. It can also be pretty expensive. That’s a hint that this won’t be a free service. Since I’m newly branching out into fiction editorial services, however, my fees aren’t likely to make you get the bone saw out to start cutting off limbs.

I spent my college career single-mindedly pointed in the direction of editing. And, while I’ve spent the last three years as a magazine editor, my passion has always been in fiction. So, here we are.

I currently offer two editing services:

  • Copyediting ($.01USD/word): This service covers spelling, grammar, punctuation, style consistency, semantics, and plot inconsistencies, but does not alter the actual content/story. If there is a major issue in the MS that needs to be fixed, a note will be made in the margin for the author to address.
  • Line edits ($.02USD/word): Line edits consists of addressing structural issues, pacing, characterization, world building, dialogue, story flow, plot holes, and copyediting. This is a very in-depth edit and will require some back and forth between author and editor.

Not every editor and author have matching styles. That’s just a fact of life. If you’re interested in my editing services, I will provide a sample edit (the first five pages) to make sure we’re a good fit.

I edit the following genres:

  • Sci-fi (all levels, from dystopian to space opera)
  • Contemporary fantasy
  • Thriller/suspense
  • Mystery

As with beta reading and reviews, if you have a cross genre or just aren’t sure where your MS falls, feel free to contact me with a synopsis.

If you’re interested in an editing service, head over to the contact page, or click here.




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