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Issue 1: The Cure

  Hallo beautiful people. I’ve decided I’ll try releasing a weekly, six-panel episodic comic. The first one is a bit dark, but I hope you find a little humor in it. I’m trying to reconnect with that kid who used to draw for hours. If in the process I can entertain some folks, well then, […]

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How to Keep Your Dog Calm During a Storm

  This article by Jennifer was originally published on FOMO Bones.   Batten down the hatches, draw the curtains—there’s a storm about to hit and the forecast isn’t looking good (especially for Fido). Hiding, whining, scratching, peeing—these are just some of the symptoms of a dog suffering from “Thunder Phobia,” a condition that typically begins […]

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7 Steps To Build Confidence In Your Dog

This article by Jennifer was originally published on FOMO Bones. Oh Fido. It’s tough to see him frightened and not really have a clue as to how to help (or what he’s even scared of). From jumping at the slightest sound to following you everywhere and showing tell-tale signs of fear (dropped tail, crouching, panting), it’s […]

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3 Benefits of Practicing Meditation with CBD

  This article was originally published on SundayScaries. Meditation has long been practiced within the Buddhist religion as a means for heightened awareness. In society today, you may think of people who practice meditation as being hippies or activists of some kind. The truth is meditation has amazing qualities for anyone who can set aside […]

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Eight Signs of a Stressed-out Dog

  This article by Jennifer is originally published at FOMO Bones.   After a hard day’s work, you may sometimes look at your pooch and wish you had it as easy as they did. After all, they get three (free) square meals a day, a comfy bed, ZERO bills and plenty of belly scratches. Ahhh, […]

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Life as an Entrepreneur: How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety and Stress Management

  This article first appeared on SundayScaries.   There are so many benefits of being your own boss. Whether you get to curl up at home and work in the comfort of your pajamas or get the thrill of running your own store, the life of an entrepreneur is more often than not a rewarding one. […]

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