Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches?

. This article by Madeleine Taylor is originally published on SundayScaries. . Like with cannabis itself, CBD oil has become one of the most talked-about natural remedies in recent years. It has been known to help alleviate symptom severity with… Read More ›

Anxiety vs Paranoia

.  Hallo, there, sweethearts. Today I want to share an article contribution from Sunday Scaries. Sunday Scaries is a company that sells high-quality CBD. But, more than that, they are a company that advocates for the use of CBD to help… Read More ›

Italian Inspired Cabbage Rolls

. . Cabbage Rolls Servings: 4Per serving:370 calories27g (46%) Protein13g (22%) Fat19g (32%) Carbs . Ingredients: 16 oz Ground Beef (the leaner the better) 2 ½ cups Broccoli Florets ¼ tsp Minced Garlic ½ medium Purple Onion (diced) 12 oz… Read More ›

Fajita Power Bowl

. . Fajita Power Bowl Servings: 4Per serving:575 calories43g (40%) Protein32g (30%) Fat33g (30%) Carbs . Bowl Ingredients: 2 cups Riced Cauliflower 1 cup Cooked Black Beans (you can use fresh, canned, or dry) 1 large Red Bell Pepper (thinly… Read More ›