When I was in third grade, I won my first Young Authors Conference award for a work about cats and unicorns. This was the moment I became interested in writing.

…An interest that quickly fell off until years later.

Once I hit the sixth grade, I tore into books. I began to write on and off throughout high school, but it wasn’t until I started the lengthy, degree-seeking road that I began to get serious.

Finally, I graduated with a B.A. in English and a Creative Writing concentration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Shortly after graduating, I became an editor at Birmingham-based Highlands Publications overseeing, writing for, and editing Modern WorkTruck Solutions magazine.

All the while, I worked on a story. Not just a story, the story. My interest in genetics, molecular biology, and psychology inspired the creation of this story, but I needed a little background knowledge in these scientific areas. So, I worked toward, and received, a certificate of completion in Useful Genetics from UBC. I finished the story, Rise and Run, the same year I got married.

I’ll let you figure out which was more exciting.