Creature Comforts is Coming Back

Well, you hadn’t thought we’d gone forever?

My beautifully truculent co-inhabitants of this wondrous planet. Full stop. Take it in and just be that… as individuals… as the collective consciousness… as organisms co-existing on a rock… just be that. Perhaps a dash less truculent but that is, after all, our nature. But come. Come. Take it in. If you’re confused, you’ve obviously not had enough of the spice. Pumpkin. Spice.

Gross. I grow weary of this. Daaaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

There we are! The beginnings of a new episode! Sorry, pumpkins, I’ve been battling new beginnings and navigating non-existent challenges, but! Soon to be back.

Creature Comforts 1

Creature Comforts 2

Creature Comforts 3

Creature Comforts 4

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