Goodbye Wrinkles and Blemishes: CBD For Skincare


This article was originally published on SundayScaries.


CBD sits right in the junction of modern society’s current concerns about beauty, health, and emotional wellbeing. Given the trials and tribulations that life presents us with on a continuous basis, it really is no surprise that everyone is in search of the holy grail that will provide them with the serenity that we are all seeking in one way or another. Cue CBD, which has taken the world by storm by shaking the stoner stereotype often associated with marijuana and donning a sleek, luxurious cloak.

These days, CBD can be found in everything from organic gummies and potent tinctures to iced lattes and gold-plated vape pens that casually adorn the shelves of luxury boutiques. Celebrities have latched onto the CBD trend too, with personalities such as Kim Kardashian wanting to throw a CBD-themed baby shower. And let’s not forget about that ultra-chic brand, Beboe, that has swiftly become one of the most in-demand CBD skincare brands in the US.

A recent report from a popular marijuana delivery platform revealed that the percentage of women forming the cannabis consumer market outweighed the quantity of men. It was also shown that the likelihood of women incorporating cannabis into their personal care regimes is 67 percent more than men. With all the environmental issues that our planet is experiencing, it makes perfect sense that people are now more inclined to want to use naturally derived products. And this is why we can expect to see CBD positively thriving in a billion-dollar beauty products industry.


What are the Benefits of Using CBD in Skincare

Experts in the beauty industry agree that CBD offers a multi-faceted approach to nourishing skincare. It has strong anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and it’s also a powerful anti-oxidant. Inflammation and skin aging catalysts for each other, and CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation. It also hydrates the skin and stimulates collagen production, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. It is rich in vitamins that contribute to healthy, balanced skin.


How Does CBD Combat Wrinkles and Skin Conditions?

Our skin features the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are found all throughout the body and this comprises what’s known as an endocannabinoid system, which is basically responsible for regulating essential bodily functions and responses to things like stress, immunity, sebum production, and hormones. Research has revealed that CBD interacts with these receptors, which is the reason our skin responds so well to it. When dealing with issues like inflammation, bacteria, and lipid reduction (which can cause acne), CBD balances everything via the stimulation of the cannabinoid receptors in the skin.

Research still has a long way to go before skincare brands can start making firm claims with regard to CBD’s ability to soothe skin complaints and reduce the signs of aging, but what we know so far is that it definitely has strong potential to be highly effective at reducing skin irritation and redness, making wrinkles less visible and treating conditions like psoriasis and acne.


Which Method of Using CBD is Most Effective for Healthy Skin?

Taking any form of CBD definitely increases your chances of having healthier skin, but there is a difference between eating a CBD infused gummy and applying a topical serum. For starters, you should understand that if you ingest CBD, there is a 100-percent chance of that active ingredient reaching your bloodstream. Whether that is through mouth tissue or your digestive system, you will reap the benefits. But, due to the fact that it passes through your body into the bloodstream, bioavailability will differ.

When CBD is applied directly to the skin it has less chance of reaching your bloodstream, but when the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin absorb it, it tends to works quite fast for localized surface-level treatment. So, if you want to improve issues like sore or dry skin, blemishes, or wrinkles, the topical application will be a winner thanks to the localized concentrated effect.


What About Skin Conditions Like Acne?

Many people who suffer from acne and oily or sensitive skin have had fantastic results after using CBD skincare, reporting that their skin quickly felt and looked better. Redness and greasy skin can improve in as little as just a few applications, depending on the severity of the complaint you are experiencing. But, those who suffer from breakouts that are stress-related or linked to poor sleeping and eating habits have also found that CBD oil taken sublingually has been responsible for the drastic improvements they have experienced. At this stage, both methods appear to be successful based on word-of-mouth testimonies.


What to Look for in CBD Skin-Care Products

With so many options available in the CBD skincare realm, it’s important to know what qualities to look for when making a choice. A premium quality product will be made using full-spectrum CBD oil, so you benefit from the goodness found in every part of the cannabis plant and not just CBD. It should be pesticide- and GMO-free, as well as being subject to third-party lab testing. Lab testing is important, as it is proof that the ingredients on the label match those found inside the product. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the brand, do your research and listen to advice provided by reputable brands.

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