CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer


This article by Jennifer was originally published on FOMO Bones.


They say the hardest thing about having a dog is saying goodbye to them far too soon. Most pet owners dote on their pooches as if they were children but are always subconsciously aware that, on average, a dog will only live to be around 12 years old—if they are in good health.

Sadly, even as loving pet parents, we cannot protect our loved ones from diseases like cancer or arthritis. In fact, often cancer in dogs is usually not detected until it is at a stage where it is already spreading to other parts of the body and causing Fido a fair amount of discomfort. Fortunately, cannabis-based medicines, such as medical cannabis, hemp seed oil, and especially CBD oil are becoming popular treatment options for dogs and cats suffering from chronic pain, seizures, and even cancer.


How CBD Oil Works: The Science

While we have only really become aware of the potential benefits of cannabis during the past couple of years, cannabis, cannabis oil, and hemp oil have been used for centuries to successfully treat symptoms of certain illnesses. Its oil is incredibly powerful and, as more states are moving to legalize the herb, more research is being conducted to prove its efficacy in fighting cancer cells. When most people think of cannabis, they automatically think of stoners getting high—and this is where it’s necessary to understand exactly how CBD oil works.

The first and most important point to understand is that CBD oil is formulated in a specific way to eliminate the psychoactive effects of the THC compound. This means that you won’t have to worry about your precious pooch turning into a zombie. The cannabinoids in the oil are the all-important component here, as they contain all the rich, therapeutic, and healing medicinal benefits. While a very small amount of THC is usually necessary to allow the oil to work to its full potential, oils that are rich in CBD balance out the THC, meaning that it does not produce a woozy or “stoned” feeling.


CBD Oil as a Cancer Treatment

While there is still a fair amount of research to be done to pinpoint exactly how CBD works to improve the symptoms of cancer in the human body, there is already existing research that proves how it can kill tumors and cancerous cells in animals.

In 2009, Spanish researchers from a reputable university published a research paper along with results that demonstrated how THC (one of the two key components found in CBD oil) successfully eliminated brain cancer in mice. What it actually did was cause the cancerous cells to essentially destroy themselves resulting in the existing tumors shrinking substantially. The same was true in human patients—except only CBD was administered, and it was equally as effective at treating cancer.

CBD can also stop metastasis, which is when cancer starts spreading into the bloodstream and usually indicates that the final stages of the disease are near.

There is currently no clinical research that demonstrates exactly how CBD works to treat cancer in dogs, but there are enough compelling evidence and testimonials from pet owners who have used the oil to indicate that it could work better and faster than traditional pharmaceutical treatments.


How Can CBD Oil Help Dogs with Cancer?

Here are some benefits of CBD oil for dogs with cancer:

  • It increases appetite. As our dogs can’t tell us what they are feeling, when they feel low, they usually avoid food like the plague. While this can be normal if it only lasts a day or two, when it comes to cancer, most dogs will not feel hungry, which, in turn, weakens their strength and immune system. Giving your dog CBD oil will increase their appetite and help them maintain a normal eating and drinking routine.
  • It offers pain relief. Cancer is, unfortunately, a disease that is accompanied by pain, especially if the tumors are in the legs or stomach. Our pups can’t just reach for a painkiller whenever they need it but instead will show pain by whimpering and whining. One of the greatest benefits of giving your pooch CBD oil is that it can offer a substantial amount of relief from the pain they are experiencing.
  • It reduces inflammation. CBD is also used to effectively manage the symptoms of arthritis—aching joints, stiffness, etc. Cancer also manifests the same symptoms when it is found present in dogs, so the oil will allow your pet to live a more comfortable and agile life.
  • It inhibits tumor growth. CBD has been known to shrink tumors as per the research we pointed out above. Daily administration of the oil can also stop cancer from spreading to other parts of the body and possibly eliminate it altogether.
  • It helps insomnia. Insomnia isn’t just a human ailment; our dogs can suffer from sleepless nights, too! The therapeutic properties of good quality CBD oil can help relax your dog, so he has the strength to participate in normal, dog-like activity during the day.


Final Thoughts

Traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can often cause your pooch to experience terrible side effects that prevent him from living out the rest of his days comfortably. While there are few vets who would condone CBD oil as a sole method of treatment this early on in the stages of its research, almost all reputable veterinary clinics will agree that it can only add complimentary benefits to existing treatments.

Many humans take CBD oil daily—even if they are in good health—as a kind of precursor to any illness that might manifest in the future. With a good quality product that is organic and pure, you might just find that CBD oil is the elixir of life that you have been searching for to extend your time with your beloved pet for as long as possible.


Author bio: Jennifer is the voice behind the FOMO Bones blog. She’s pretty sure she was a Great Dane in her past life, but her team at FOMO pegs her as more of a Labrador. Regardless of her breed, she’s a dog enthusiast with 15 years’ experience training dogs and owner.

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