CBD Gummies for Hangover Anxiety


This article by Madeleine Taylor was originally published at SundayScaries.


Anxiety can happen to everyone at some point or another. For some people, becoming anxious may just happen rarely in unusual circumstances. For others, however, it can be a more consistent and progressive issue. Most of us, or at least the ones reading this post, have experienced a hangover at some stage. A very delicate head, a restless stomach, zero energy, and a thirst that just can’t be quenched are just a few hangover symptoms. But when hangover anxiety kicks in, it’s a whole other ball game. Below, we are looking into what causes hangover anxiety and how you can use CBD gummies to help with it.


What Is Hangover Anxiety?

First of all, hangover anxiety doesn’t just happen to those who are already diagnosed with anxiety. Hangover anxiety can happen to absolutely anyone, though not everyone will even be aware of what it is. Our body produces a natural chemical called serotonin that is responsible for regulating our emotions. Alcohol causes the level of serotonin to spike which is why a person’s mood can be all over the place when they drink. Ever seen your friends get over the top passionate about everything in life when they drink? Or perhaps they collapse on the floor bawling their eyes out because they lost their straw and now they think that they are losing everyone in their lives? Well, that is all thanks to the major increase in serotonin levels caused by excessive drinking.

Alcohol stays in the system for a while after you feel sober, but due to the large rise of serotonin when drinking the alcohol, it comes crashing back down again, packs its bags, and heads off for some alone time. The process of fluctuating serotonin levels is what can cause an intensified feeling of anxiousness or even depression. Now, you would think that since it is referred to as hangover anxiety that it comes once you have sobered up, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, anxiety can be heightened at the time of consuming alcohol. It simply just depends. For people who are clinically diagnosed with anxiety, the typical side effects of a hangover can trigger anxiety. The nauseous feeling can lead to health anxiety resulting in a panic.


CBD for a Hangover

Lately, CBD products have been popping up everywhere and, by the looks of it, this will continue at a rapid rate. Organizations and scientists are now investing more in researching and studying the effects of CBD as it has so far shown very positive results in treating a number of health conditions. Cannabis helps to alleviate chronic pain and the same can be said for CBD. Three of the most common reasons behind using CBD are to help combat depression, anxiety, and pain. CBD products are available in all sorts of forms, but the most popular is CBD oil and CBD gummies.

The fascinating thing about CBD is its potential to interact with the body’s receptors. There is strong evidence to suggest that when CBD is introduced into our system, it locates certain receptors and calms them down, meaning that they begin to stop signaling to the brain that we are in pain or are panicking. And the best bit: It can do this without getting you high. As you are probably aware, CBD is a specific compound known as cannabinoid that is derived from a particular strain of cannabis plant. THC is also a cannabinoid compound. However, THC is what is responsible for getting you high. CBD, on the other hand, has the ability to calm and uplift without providing the high.


Using CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are quite literally exactly as you would expect. Gummy sweets that contain CBD. They are an easier way to ingest CBD and especially beneficial for those that dislike the taste of CBD oil, vape pens, or sprays. Really, though, why would you want to swallow an earthy-tasting oil when you can just eat really cool gummy candies? Just above, we talked about how CBD can help with a hangover and anxiety. CBD gummies are just another way to introduce CBD into the system in order to start getting those potential benefits.

They have also been known to help you get a decent night’s sleep. The feelings of anxiety usually increase at night when you are trying to sleep as you aren’t really concentrating on anything. The brain starts to play games and before you know it, 4am has arrived, and you haven’t had a wink of sleep. Lack of sleep then causes anxiety levels to rise, and suddenly you are stuck in a vicious cycle.

You take CBD gummies in the same way that you eat any other candy. The gummy version of CBD tends to take longer to start working than the oil does. In around 20 minutes they should begin to start releasing their powers. The amount that you eat depends on the strength of the CBD along with your own condition. There will, or should, always be consumption instructions inside the packaging to help you find the right amount for you.


Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies for Anxiety

If you have been searching for CBD gummies then look no further than Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies for Anxiety. Their products are all lab tested and contain no THC whatsoever. Their CBD gummies recipe is formulated with D3 and B12 vitamins along with the highest quality of full spectrum CBD. For all of you beautiful vegans out there, Sunday Scaries also has Vegan AF Gummies for Anxiety that work just as well as their standard line. If you are a renowned CBD enthusiast, then check out their subscription packages to make sure that you never run low on your CBD stash again. It is the remedy that makes anxiety not so scary.

Hangovers and anxiety are nasty enough on their own, and when the two are combined, it can feel like one of the biggest battles yet. But, where there is CBD, there is hope. So, make use of nature’s magic and tell that hangover anxiety where to go.

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