Cover Reveal: The Finale

Hallo, ass homies! That is officially what my almost-smart-phone feels I should be calling people. It also thinks it needs to replace the word “wonder” with “weiner,” so I’m not too sure I should be listening to it.

Anyhow, you’ve put up with all my nonsense and now you’re ready for the big reveal, right? Well, have I got a surprise for you! No, wait, it’s not a surprise if you know what it is. Well, then, have I got a cover reveal for you! First, of course, I have to include the obligatory links where you can buy and/or or review the book. I know, I know. It’s nothing personal. Just business. So here goes:













Oh, ho! I snuck it right in there under your nose. You’re welcome. I hope you’ve enjoyed my teasing you for a few days. And I hope you enjoy the book even moreso.

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